Can i Trust You !!!

What a fun reading this.. if anyone is interested in the below charity, contact at your own risk!

from Mrs.Wan Aini
date Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 5:53 AM
subject Can i Trust You !!!

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My name is Mrs. Wan Aini Binti Abdul, I am very sick and the doctor says I have a few months to stay here. I am in Christie Specialist Hospital Malaysia. My problem is that I have to find a beneficiary who will help me carry out my will. I have about $3.5m usd that is stashed away in the bank here. My husband fixed it before he died. I was born an orphan and have no kids. My inlaws and friends betrayed me as soon as I took ill. I need you to use 80% of the money for charity in my name and the rest is for your troubles. As I lay on my sick bed, I want you to help me in carrying out my last wish on earth which will be very profitable to you. If you can help me carry out this wish get back to me on my private email for details. ( )

Thank you,
Mrs. Wan Aini.

Relationship beyond banking

Just couldn’t help feeling better when you see this when you login.. Dunno what is the term for this marketing but sure does have an impact I must say. Everyone is trying hard to make feel the customers feel special. I think I would have got more calls from bank, shopping places, hotels than friends and family.. That does show what a shopper I am that they would not like to loose me!

How women’s hemlines tell economy’s strength

Can this be true? Though little absurd, the data shows otherwise.

While most wait for data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, others use less conventional ways to measure the strength of an economy – like a woman’s hemline.

There is what is known as the Skirt Length Index, which is a theory that when the market is good, women’s skirts tend to get shorter, and when things are not so good they are worn longer.

“The idea behind this theory is that shorter skirts tend to appear in times when general consumer confidence and excitement is high, meaning the markets are bullish,” the Courier Mail quoted an explanation from

“In contrast, the theory says long skirts are worn more in times of fear and general gloom, indicating things are bearish,” it stated.

Another way to measure is through cosmetics, with the Leading Lipstick Indicator theory saying that in times of economic unease or recession, consumers tend to go for cheaper “feel-good” options, such as lipstick or mascara.

According to Investopedia, Leonard Lauder (chairman of Estee Lauder) had coined the term when he consistently found that during tough economic times, his lipstick sales went up.

“Believe it or not, the indicator has been quite a reliable signal of consumer attitudes over the years. For example, in the months following the September 11 terrorist attacks, lipstick sales doubled,” he said. (ANI)

Source: Yahoo News