Interesting Insights by MLIM

When it comes to investing, to err is human – but women are less likely than men to do so.
According to a groundbreaking survey of investors by Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM), women make fewer investment mistakes than men and make them less often — despite the fact that, on average, they tend to know less about investing and enjoy investing less than men.

Also featured in an article – ‘Profit From The Feminine Side’, published in Bloomberg Markets, February 2006 Issue.

Chronicles of a Bombay Local Rat

When you first come to Bombay, you hear horror stories about the frog experiments. Oh! You haven’t heard that one. Lemme have the pleasure of telling you…

Travelling in mumbai local trains is much dreaded experience, but thats during the rush hour. Otherwise, but the infinite conversations revolving around film, music, fashion, literature, politics, college life, romancing et al, there’s nothing quite like it to add color to a quotidian commute.