The Complete Emotion!

Life Can Only Begin

Every wave that hits, dissipates upon me
My rock wears strong
The curve may touch, may pass on free
But i always carry on

The everyday that we accept
Is but an alternate insanity
A means to rationalize these indispensable concepts
Without which we cry lunacy

These blind rules, these unquestionable truths
That we encounter even when we try not to
These inalienable rights, this humanity, forsooth!
These indispensable lines we’ve drawn between what is Us and what is True

Where can we go, what can we do?
In this stupid search for something real
Where anything and everything has been compromised, merged to make an entity new
At what price do i auction those ridiculous little things i feel?

Rocks, stones, only the lack of a good strong gun
Or perhaps it’s the lack of one able to press the button
That lets me talk a little more, make a few more jokes in the long run
Shit, anything that’d earn me my place in the sun.

PS: Not the words from my pen, but yeah thoughts reciprocate

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