Cup of coffee!

One can say cheers not only with a glass of whisky or beer, but also with a cup of coffee in hand. Coffee bars are appearing in every nook and cranny of India. Starbucks and Barnie’s are knocking on the doors, while Indian majors like Barista’s and Café Coffee Day keep up their pace of expansion. Even a late entrant like Costa Coffee have huge expansion plans of it’s cafes.

India, quintessentially a tea-drinking nation, has been witnessing a sudden emergence of ultra-chic coffee parlours across the country and the good news is that coffee consumption is on the rise. The organised coffee retail business in India is over Rs.8 billion ($17 million), and the potential for coffee retail outlets are 3,000, says global retail consultancy firm, Technopak Advisors.

It’s quite interesting to find how coffee found it’s roots in India. Hail the Baba Budan!

For more information on Coffee Industry, nice resource is Coffee Board, India

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