Bucket List 2011

This was the bucket list I compiled at the beginning of the year (not ranked but just listed in random order). Time to do review of my performance which is rather poor to say the least.

  1. Run half marathon (21 kms) – ran Standard Chartered Mumbai Half-Marathon in January, though didn’t accomplish in the desired time.. target to do it in mid September again
  2. Read at least 12 Books (hopefully one a month!) – Read one book so far – “The Dork” and not the one I would recommend to anyone else
  3. Get fitter (run at least 3 times a week) – It’s just walking. Need to get some fitness level before I start running
  4. Watch IMDB top 250 movies – Yet to compile my list of seen movies in those 250 🙁
  5. Take a holiday together – no plans made yet
  6. Do one exotic adventure trip (leh/ ladakh) – no plans made yet but targeting in post mid-aug
  7. Trek regularly (once a month at least) – not close.. Done one to Harishchandragad in January and that was it.
  8. Publish online (blogging) – here comes the first entry
  9. Build my own ‘dream house’  (at least close to it) – search is on
  10. Earn more money! – Money is never enough.. so this stays here every year
  11. Learn swimming – Need to locate swimming pools near by
  12. Play squash/ tennis/ badminton regularly – need a partner enthusiastic enough to join me
  13. Learn playing guitar – where is the time
  14. Learn photography – still click random pics with no method to it
  15. Learn cooking different cuisine & have my own cookbook – hope to publish my cooking experiments soon
  16. Learn driving car – in a month hopefully
  17. Learn riding royal enfield – distant dream

And the list goes on. Hopefully will catch up by end of this year as it happens at work that most of the work gets done just before deadline. This will be fun!

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